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How to Check a Masonry Project

Checking a masonry project is an important part of any construction job. Properly checking a masonry project will ensure that the structure is built to last and looks great when finished. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to properly check a masonry project so that it can be done correctly and safely by your masonry contractor:

Inspect the foundation.

The first step in checking a masonry project is to inspect the foundation. Make sure that it is level and that all mortar joints are properly sealed. Look for any signs of cracking or shifting in the foundation and repair as necessary before continuing with the project.

Check for proper drainage.

Proper drainage is essential for any masonry project. Make sure that the ground is graded correctly and that there are no areas of standing water around the structure. If needed, add additional drainage systems such as gutters or downspouts to prevent water from pooling around the foundation of the structure.

Inspect the mortar lines.

Mortar lines are essential to the strength and durability of a masonry project. Make sure that all mortar joints are even, tight, and filled completely with mortar. Look for any signs of cracking or crumbling in the mortar and repair as necessary.

Examine the brickwork.

Once the foundation is level and the mortar lines have been inspected, examine the brickwork for any signs of cracking or crumbling. Repair as necessary and ensure that all brickwork is aligned properly to create a symmetrical structure.

Test for water penetration.

Finally, test the masonry project for water penetration. Use a hose to spray down the entire project to check that no water is leaking through the structure. If any leaks are found, repair as necessary to prevent water damage in the future.

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